김효연 [Watti H. KIM]

Since her childhood, she has been consistently studying art, painting in various organizations. She entered BUSAN high school of Art (2001), learned the foundation of painting, design, and history of art. In 2004, she entered the KONKUK UNIVERSITY, College of Art&Design, Fashion, Seoul, Korea. But she was fascinated by movies dealing with people’s ‘Everyday Life’ and ‘Fantasy’ rather than fashion design. Her aspiration for Narrative Art like Films and photos, gradually became bigger and bigger. During the university years, she traveled around the world- 18 countries for 2 years (2007-8). Devoted herself to experiencing a new world with people and new values. After traveling, she settled down in Spain, Barcelona(2009) for a year, learning Spanish. After graduating from university, joined a ‘JO HWA SEONG’ Movie Art-Production design team (2011). And she made about 5 movies for 2 years. During the period of design ‘Mise en Scène’ of films, she felt much more interested in creating a single complete, beautiful scene. Then in 2013, she released her first photo-collage series, titled ‘ Very Reality Show’, which was photographed around the world. Energetically, she continues to work on her photography and experiment with other media genres. Currently attending HONGIK UNIVERSITY, M.F.A. in Photography, Seoul, Korea.

2018 HONGIK UNIVERSITY, Seoul, Korea, Master course of Photography completion
2011 KONKUK UNIVERSITY, Seoul, Korea, B.F.A. in College of Art&Design, Fashion
2004 BUSAN High School of Art, Painting, Busan

2017 Honorable Mention, IPA(International Photography Awards), New York – 2x Landscape: Fine Art, Nature

2015-16 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, ‘NAFF’ Film Project coordinator (Seasonal work)
2011-13 Film Art-Production design company ‘JO HWA SEONG WORKSHOP’, designer

-Part time Lecturer in The Girls’ Middle School Attached to College of Education Sangmyung University
-Part time Lecturer in DOOSAN, Photography program ‘The Time Traveler’

2013 Very Reality Show , In the paper gallery, Seoul, Korea

2018 META PHOTO, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Namsan Library gallery , Seoul, Korea
2017 ‘Ode to Place. Artist and Yeogwan’ Project, Jeju Art Fair, Jeju, Korea
2016 POST PHOTO , HOMA gallery, Seoul, Korea
2014 Artist Cube , CYART gallery, Seoul, Korea
2010 Mullae Arts Archive Exhibition 2010, Yeongdeungpo Art Hall, Seoul, Korea

-Final Modification: 17 July 2018-


2010 Mullae Arts Archive Exhibition

2010 Mullae Arts Archive, group exhibition Date ㅣ 1 October 2010 (Fri) – 12 October 2010 (Tue) Opening Reception ㅣ 1 October 2010 (Fri) 5pm Venue ㅣ Yeongdeungpo Art Hall 2F, Seoul, Korea